e-Recruitment System

Secure Web based Recruitment System

Yes, This e-recruitment system is an ideal portal for Govt. Organizations to manage their recruitment related activities online. The web site is protected with SSL certificate for applicants to interact with employer securely. Here, Applicant’s identity is verified with National Citizen Database.

Covers a Broad Range of Recruitment Activities

A system to process Job postings and Job applications, mainly targeted for recruitment management of Govt. Agencies. Activities covered includes from Job posting to shortlisting of candidates based on result of evaluation exam! The system is integrated with National e-service Bus to reuse other GoB services.

Multiple Organizations, Multiple Recruitments

It can be used by Multiple Govt. Organizations, with provision of managing multiple recruitments by each organization. There is Dashboard for each organization highlighting glimpse of recruitments managed through the portal. Organizations are able to send electronic admit cards to applicants through the system.

Provision of Evaluation Test Online

There is provision of taking Online Exam with automated result processing here. It reduces time of result processing drastically. It also increases quality of evaluation test management. It’s very easy to ensure uniqueness of questions. Provision is there to create multiple sets of questions for same exam.

Large Question Bank for Evaluation Exam

The recruitment system provides facility to upload & manage Question bank for taking Evaluation Exam. More than 10000+ questions on 10+ different subjects are already there in the system. There is option to generate unique questions from the bank for each test/exam.

Accept Job Application Fee electronically

The online system decrease hassles of applicants/students for Job Application. It also reduce time of Job applications processing for employer. The system is connected with banking system to receive application fees online. Admin user is able to verify transactions via online payment gateway.  

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